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The Gender Equation (Ep. 133)

The Gender Equation (Ep. 133)

The Christmas episode of the MPU podcast looks at the evolution of teenage gender identity and transgender issues, and then turns light as the hosts discuss their unusual political gifts and tattoo preferences.

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One comment on “The Gender Equation (Ep. 133)

  1. Sarah Williams says:

    There seems to be some idea that allowing your child to take hormones is abdicating parenting. This is not the case. If your child is gender creative, and it might be appropriate for them to take hormone blockers and our gender affirming hormones then you as a parent do your research. You look at what will fit within your budget, what side effects are likely and when is optimal for them. You have a conversation with your child and together you decide what options are best for your child. It would be best to do this in consultation with a doctor and if necessary a therapist. It’s a lot of work as a parent it’s not just a sure kid do what you want thing. I can have this conversation with my 6 year old, so any parent should be able to have the conversation with their child before hormones are appropriate. It will be difficult especially if you start later in your child’s life, but if you approach it as supporting their gender identity it is absolutely an active and positive parenting thing.

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