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Episode 107 of “The More Perfect Union” podcast series features discussions about the Trump-CNN Logo wrestling video controversy, the Trump family at the G20 Summit, revelations of yet another previously unreported meeting between Russian lawyers and members of the Trump campaign, and we end with some funny political chants.

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Is Trump Good for Israel?

One of the crazier outgrowths of this election year is how many of my Jewish liberal friends are planning to vote for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson instead of Hillary Clinton, making it more possible that Donald Trump could become our next president. I wonder if these staunch supporters of Israel’s right to exist have even thought about what it would mean for the Jewish state if Trump wins. Let’s take a look.

What are the biggest threats to Israel’s security these days?

  1. Iran developing nukes
  2. An emboldened Bashir al-Assad in Syria
  3. The development of a territorial Islamic State
  4. Growing regional tensions with Egypt, the Arab street, and northern Africa

In every one of those concerns, a Trump presidency vastly increases the risks. Continue reading Is Trump Good for Israel?

Donald’s Terrible, Awful, Not-So-Good Week


Could Gary Kroeger be the next Al Franken?

Gary channels Walter Mondale and Alan Alda (and millennials go, “Whaaaat?)

Donald Trump’s terrible, awful, not-so-good week (and Republicans go, “Whaaaat?”)

Hillary Clinton gets caught in a lie about lying (and the media goes, “Whaaaat?”)

Gary Johnson does a Town Hall (and 90% of America goes, “Whaaaat?”)

State of the Race

A Jobs Program That Costs Us Nothing

by Kevin Kelton

Sometimes the best way to solve a problem is to merge two opposing problems into one solution. I think Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump could score a major policy victory by addressing jobs and untaxed offshore profits at the same time.

American companies are currently holding 2.4 trillion dollars in accumulated profits offshore to avoid what they consider onerous U.S. corporate tax rates. That’s almost $800 billion in owed taxes that we may never ever see.

To get that money back into the U.S. economy, politicians are proposing temporary preferential tax rates – called a transition tax – that they’d like to apply to those profits to coerce them back to the United States. President Obama has proposed a transition tax rate of 14%, but corporate lobbyists and their bagmen in congress are balking that it’s too high. Some want it at ten percent, some want it at six or less – rates so low that they would be seen as a giant giveaway to corporate greed. Some even propose a “tax holiday” by setting the rate at zero.

That’s not a “holiday.” That’s a full and absolute pardon.

At the same time, American companies are not hiring at as brisk a pace as we need to grow GDP and spark wage growth.

So how about we merge the two problems into one solution? What if we made creating American jobs a patriotic and profitable thing to do? Continue reading A Jobs Program That Costs Us Nothing

Bill and Loretta’s Excellent Tarmac Adventure


Clinton-palooza: deconstructing the Benghazi report

Dealing with Daesh in Africa

Was Bill and Loretta’s tarmac rendezvous a conflict of interest?

Trump embraces tariffs and protectionism

Libertarian Gary Johnson and the TPP

Can the GOP’s bound delegates become unbound?

The new “never Trump” movement – nominating nobody

Countdown to Garland’s SCOTUS confirmation and Sanders’ Hillary affirmation

It’s Over. Probably.


  • What Pennsylvania taught us
  • Emily and Kevin spend a day at a delegate caucus
  • Trump pivots, Cruz divots… OR… ”Oy-Carly”
  • White House Correspondents’ Dinner
  • What’s appropriate political satire
  • Bernie’s platform demands
  • Is the Woman Card the new Race Card? 

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New York State of Mind

Bernie’s Superdelegate “hit list”
Roger Stone’s Mafia move
The state of the StopTrump and StopHillary movements
Trump’s Rocky Mountain Low
Is Pennsylvania Kasich’s last shot?
Where are the Democratic party’s referees?