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From Russia, With Love (Ep. 163)

On this MPU episode, Greg, Rebekah and Kevin discuss the NATO summit, Trump’s summit with Putin, the Peter Srtzok hearing, and Sacha Baron Cohen’s new TV series that’s rumored to tear up Washington.

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Calling Shenanigans (Ep.162)

This week the gang discusses the allegations against GOP Rep. Jim Jordan, whether Scarlett Johansson should be cast to play a trans character, and Greg calls shenanigans on pretty much everyone in D.C. Join us to debate politics between shows in Open Fire on Facebook.

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Courting Disaster (Ep. 161)

In light of the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy and the now open SCOTUS seat, author and voting rights advocate David Daley joins the MPU gang to discuss the tenuous future for Roe v. Wade, the terrifiying future for gerrymandering, the tragic future of U.S. trade policy, and the tantalizing future of soon-to-be congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. Author David Daley...

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The Red Hen (Ep. 160)

This episode of the MPU podcast covers the Trump immigration fiasco at the souther border and Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ dining fiasco at The Red Hen.

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Space Force (Ep. 159)

This episode covers the Trump’s newly announced Space Force, the immigration debacle, the ballot initiative to break up California, the sexual abuse allegations surrounding comic Chris Hardwick, and the rumored “Roseanne” spinoff. Then Greg wraps it all up with a space force serenade!

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Summit Fever (Ep. 158)

This MPU episode covers the North Korean nuclear summit, the G7 summit, primary talk, the SCOTUS voter roll purge decision, and how the Trump administration’s continued attacks on Obamacare may help the Democrats in the fall elections.

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The New Blacklist? (Ep. 157)

This week’s MPU podcast looks at the SCOTUS cake baker decision; the dueling scandals of Roseanne Barr and Samantha Bee and how they relate to the Hollywood Blacklist of the 1950s; Trump’s escalating trade wars; and the California primary. But beware: due to the controversies of last week, the language here is extremely raw. So if you have sensitive ears,...

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Taking a Knee and a Fine (Ep. 155)

  This week’s episode looks at the fallout from the NFL’s new rule to fine teams when a player takes a knee, Jeff Sessions’ decision to separate immigrant children from their undocumented parents, and the off-again-on-again North Korean summit. Will Donald meet Kim? Will Kim take a knee? And will Trump be separated from his new...

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Latest Articles

Pop Goes The Political Culture Week of July 9

  by Rebekah Kuschmider, MPU Co-host Greetings, MPU-inverse! (You like that? I just made it up!) I spent much of this past week on a beach, where I was blissfully unaware of the president behaving like a raving lunatic at the NATO meeting, I had no idea where Paul Manafort was being jailed, and I...

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Pop Goes The Political Culture Week of July 2

Happy belated Independence day, MPU listeners! via GIPHY For those of you who didn’t spend this most American of holidays in a closed door meeting with Russian officials in Moscow like these eight US Senators, I hope you enjoyed the day. We now are in the final hours before Trump announces his pick for dismantling...

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Harvard Poll CAPSizes Under Its Own Weights

by D.J. McGuire Last week, Harvard University proved William F. Buckley right – again – about the superior intellect of the first 200 names in the Boston phone book (that might sound weird, but we still get phone books down here, so I presume they’re still around up there). The Ivy League Institution’s latest embarrassment...

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Trying to Square the Abortion Circle (UPDATED)

by D.J. McGuire Updated since the retirement of Justice Kennedy. Few issues in American politics are as divisive as abortion, largely because the two sides are driven by dramatically opposing points of view, namely… The pre-born child is a human being deserving of rights, especially the right to live. …and… A woman’s right to personal...

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My Political Platform

by Kevin Kelton Now that we are heading into the midterms, every candidate should hone their issues platform so that voters know what they stand for and how they’d achieve it. But we as voters need to know what we stand for, as well. So I have developed my own political platform that I would...

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Supreme Court Bans Union Fees on Non-Members (Except Where It Doesn’t)

by D.J. McGuire The more one reads primary source material, the less trustworthy one becomes of media – any media. Today’s example came in Janus v AFSCME – the Supreme Court cases regarding mandated union fees paid by non-union members in government workplaces in over 20 states (including Illinois, whose disgruntled public servant was Mark Janus). As the...

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