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Two Americas (Ep. 165)

This week, DJ, Greg, Rebekah and Kevin discuss how the Democratic Socialist movement is impacting the political and cultural divide in America. Then they turn to the Michael Cohen tapes, Ivanka’s political ambitions, and the economic “sugar high” caused by the Trump trade wars.

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Pallin’ With Putin (Ep. 164)

This week Greg and Rebekah are joined by music professor and musical satirist Wes Flinn as they discuss the fallout from the Trump–Putin summit and the latest twists in the Mueller investigation. Check out Wes Flinn’s musical work at

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From Russia, With Love (Ep. 163)

On this MPU episode, Greg, Rebekah and Kevin discuss the NATO summit, Trump’s summit with Putin, the Peter Srtzok hearing, and Sacha Baron Cohen’s new TV series that’s rumored to tear up Washington.

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Calling Shenanigans (Ep.162)

This week the gang discusses the allegations against GOP Rep. Jim Jordan, whether Scarlett Johansson should be cast to play a trans character, and Greg calls shenanigans on pretty much everyone in D.C. Join us to debate politics between shows in Open Fire on Facebook.

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Courting Disaster (Ep. 161)

In light of the retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy and the now open SCOTUS seat, author and voting rights advocate David Daley joins the MPU gang to discuss the tenuous future for Roe v. Wade, the terrifiying future for gerrymandering, the tragic future of U.S. trade policy, and the tantalizing future of soon-to-be congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez. Author David Daley...

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The Red Hen (Ep. 160)

This episode of the MPU podcast covers the Trump immigration fiasco at the souther border and Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ dining fiasco at The Red Hen.

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Space Force (Ep. 159)

This episode covers the Trump’s newly announced Space Force, the immigration debacle, the ballot initiative to break up California, the sexual abuse allegations surrounding comic Chris Hardwick, and the rumored “Roseanne” spinoff. Then Greg wraps it all up with a space force serenade!

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Latest Articles

My 40 Year Manifesto (or, How to Break Into Showbiz with Nothing But a Wide Network of Powerful Showbiz Relatives)

by Kevin Kelton Caution: This post isn’t about Donald Trump, Democratic Socialism, or what I had for dinner last night. It’s about me. You’ve been warned. This past Thursday marked the 40th anniversary of my arrival in Los Angeles following college, and next week is my birthday. So I’m taking a timeout from all things...

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Path to a Dem Senate Runs Thru a Statehouse

by Kevin Kelton The battle for majority control of the U.S. senate could be tight in November. But the battle may be won in a different election all together. As everyone knows, Sen. John McCain has terminal cancer and will probably not live out his current senate term (which runs to 2023). What many political wonks...

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The World America Abandons (Before Coming Back to Rescue It)

by D.J. McGuire For understandable reasons, most Americans assume that Donald Trump is a one-man wrecking crew, determined either to destroy or to reshape the current global order. In reality, however, the international order that has held in place in the Atlantic for over 70 years (and in the rest of the world for roughly...

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Pop Goes The Political Culture Week of July 23

by Rebekah Kuschmider, MPU co-host Welcome back, MPU-iniverse! (I invented that last week and I’ve decided I like it. It’s catchy and goes nicely with all the sci-fi stuff DJ and Greg are so into.) This week has been nothing short of appalling. We got to hear a tape of a mob boss and his...

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The Trump-EU “Deal”: Far Less Than Meets The Eye

by D.J. McGuire Defenders of Donald Trump are crowing about his “deal” with the EU to hold off future tariff hikes and discuss reducing trade barriers in certain manufacturing goods. Never have so many offered so much praise for so little. Scott Lincicome of the CATO Institute examined the joint statement on this Twitter thread....

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Pop Goes The Political Culture Week of July 16

by Rebekah Kuschmider, MPU co-host Hello comrades! (I assume we’re all going to be Russian citizens soon so I’m practicing a new greeting. You like it? Yeah, me neither.) This week was a little like living in a Bond movie with lots of spying and sex. NRA members were apparently having sex with the Maria...

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