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Looking Back: An MPU Retrospective (Ep. 184)

This special retrospective episode looks back at the early days of The More Perfect Union podcast from our very first podcast in September of 2015 through the end of 2016, with clips that cover the rise of Trump, chaos in the GOP primary campaign, and the Hillary-Bernie battle for the soul of the Democratic party.

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Border Disorder (Ep. 183)

This episode looks at the tragic chaos at the southern border, the comical chaos of the Trump administration, and the looming chaos of the 2020 Democratic presidential primaries. Real debate without the hate!

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Election Reform (Ep. 182)

This week’s podcast looks at the fallout from the midterms, some possible ways to improve the U.S. election process, Trump’s Jim Acosta banning debacle, crazy conspiracies surrounding Michael Avenatti, and rumors about Condi Rice and the Cleveland Browns.

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The Next Big Battle (Ep. 181)

This episode looks at the results of the 2018 midterms and what could be coming in their aftermath. Then the hosts muse about a new dating app for Trump supporters and what a dating profile there might sound like.

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Midterm Madness (Ep. 180)

The MPU hosts make their final predictions about the midterms and what the world will look like post-midterms no matter which party prevails on Tuesday. And here’s a link to the Feedspot Blog Reader that ranked The More Perfect Union the #20 political podcast in the universe (or at least, The Milky Way).

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Bring Back The Balance (Ep. 179)

In this episode the gang talks about the role of social media in the horrific violence of last week and in our devolving political discourse, Trump’s Hillary-esque problem with non-secure cell phones, and the best way for voters to help bring back the balance in our national politics.

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Uncivil War (Ep. 178)

This week the gang looks at the final days of the midterm campaign in the age of incivility, Trump’s assault on transgender and non-binary individuals, and how a Medicare Buy-In program could be the pathway to single payer Medicare-For-All without the onerous tax burden. Then they muse on Elizabeth Warren’s prospects for 2020 and Hillary Clinton’s prospects for anonymity.

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Kanye, Taylor, Elvis & Alec (Ep. 177)

This episode covers the tightening midterm polls and what they portend for Democrats in November and beyond, Kanye’s weird White House visit, Taylor Swift’s entry into politics, the Fox News obsession with Maxine Waters and “angry mobs,” and the potentially dangerous effect of Alec Baldwin’s SNL Trump impression on the electorate. Plus Kevin reveals the secret reason he missed last week’s...

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Latest Articles

Obamacare and State’s Rights

It is 8pm on a Saturday night and the last thing I want to be doing is writing yet another piece about a manufactured crisis arising from Republican attempts to undermine the Affordable Care Act. I HATE writing these pieces and I HATE these peckerwoods who have spent the past 8 years proving that they...

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Pop Goes The Political Culture, December 9, 2018

Howdy, MPU-inverse! As most of you know, we’re taking it easy for the month of December and not recording regularly. The news, however, is on no such hiatus. Over the past week, we’ve learned that what Trump really wanted was to build a tacky hotel in Moscow. He was even willing to give Putin a...

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What the Georgia Runoff Told Us

by D.J. McGuire Tuesday night was Election Runoff Night in Georgia. The results give some hope – and some concern – to both parties. For the Republicans, victory was sweet for Brad Raffensperger, who held off a strong challenge from Democrat John Barrow to win the Secretary of State position. For Democrats upset at how...

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Behind the More Perfect Union Scenes

Regular podcast listeners are probably aware that Kevin, D.J., Greg and I are all pretty good friends. We have an ongoing FB message group where we talk about everything from the logistics of setting up recording session to headlines to our ongoing arguments about which Harry Potter book is the best (::cough::Half-Blood Prince ::cough::). Today,...

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Pop Goes The Political Culture, November 24, 2018

Greetings, MPU-inverse! It’s been a delightful week of feasting and giving thanks and shopping at small businesses over here. I was hoping that by shopping at Amazon, I would be supporting a future local business but no. No, Amazon decided northern Virginia, just a few miles from where I live was a better locale for...

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So How Are Things for the Democrats These Days?

by D.J. McGuire The election results for the Democrats were good enough to flip the House on Election Night (and the Virginia delegation with it). The post-Election Night results were, if anything, even better. So as Republicans wallow in their defeats, my party should be riding high, yes? No. Don’t get me wrong; the fact...

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