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The Next Big Battle (Ep. 181)

This episode looks at the results of the 2018 midterms and what could be coming in their aftermath. Then the hosts muse about a new dating app for Trump supporters and what a dating profile there might sound like.

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Midterm Madness (Ep. 180)

The MPU hosts make their final predictions about the midterms and what the world will look like post-midterms no matter which party prevails on Tuesday. And here’s a link to the Feedspot Blog Reader that ranked The More Perfect Union the #20 political podcast in the universe (or at least, The Milky Way).

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Bring Back The Balance (Ep. 179)

In this episode the gang talks about the role of social media in the horrific violence of last week and in our devolving political discourse, Trump’s Hillary-esque problem with non-secure cell phones, and the best way for voters to help bring back the balance in our national politics.

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Uncivil War (Ep. 178)

This week the gang looks at the final days of the midterm campaign in the age of incivility, Trump’s assault on transgender and non-binary individuals, and how a Medicare Buy-In program could be the pathway to single payer Medicare-For-All without the onerous tax burden. Then they muse on Elizabeth Warren’s prospects for 2020 and Hillary Clinton’s prospects for anonymity.

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Kanye, Taylor, Elvis & Alec (Ep. 177)

This episode covers the tightening midterm polls and what they portend for Democrats in November and beyond, Kanye’s weird White House visit, Taylor Swift’s entry into politics, the Fox News obsession with Maxine Waters and “angry mobs,” and the potentially dangerous effect of Alec Baldwin’s SNL Trump impression on the electorate. Plus Kevin reveals the secret reason he missed last week’s...

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Brett and the Giant Im-Peach (Ep.176)

  This week’s episode of the MPU podcast looks at the possible fallout of the Kavanaugh appointment to the Supreme Court. We also discuss Trump’s foreign policy plan (or lack of one) and finally we talk about the best way to protest that won’t offend your conservative friends and family.

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Judging the Judge (Ep. 175)

This episode of the MPU podcast looks at the dual testimonies of Judge Brett Kavanaugh and Prof. Christine Blasey Ford, where things go from here, and cool Go Fund Me ideas for our political times. Brought to you by – the app that makes reading easy. Use promo code to start your free seven...

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He Said, THEY Said (Ep. 174)

This week the gang speaks to Naseem Makiya, CEO of, a new app designed to help people get their friends and contacts out to vote in the midterms. Then the conversation turns to the latest Rod Rosenstein controversy, the new accuser in the Brett Kavanaugh saga, and new suggestions for Ben & Jerry’s politically themed flavors.

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Latest Articles

Pop Goes The Political Culture, November 11

    Welcome back MPU-inverse! I’m sure you all join me in offering thanks for the service of all of America’s veterans. We are grateful for you contributions to global peace and prosperity. This was an incredible political week where Democrats surged to victory in the House, in multiple governor’s mansion, multiple state legislatures, and...

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Hey Dems, Let’s Just Gerrymander States!

After some baffling election results 2016 and 2018 elections, I’d like to propose what should be the Democrats’ new version of gerrymandering: moving state borders to group like-minded, homogeneous groups of voters together. I’d start by giving the annoying Florida Panhandle to Alabama and adding Atlanta to North Carolina, thereby fixing two problems once and...

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Pop Goes The Political Culture, November 3

Hello, hello MPU-universe! We are officially in the last weekend before the election and if you’re like me, you’re busy doing some sort of Get Out The Vote action! Whether you are phonebanking, canvassing, texting, or planning to provide rides to the polls, you are AWESOME! Let’s make this election go down in history as...

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Motivating Millennials

By Kevin Kelton This Tuesday, Democrats need young voters to turn out in record midterm numbers. Yet news report after news report still tells us millennials just aren’t motivated enough to vote. “I’m too busy” or “Voting won’t make a difference” are among the array of excuses young people give when asked why they don’t...

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Pop Goes The Political Culture, October 28, 2018

“Every now and then a madman’s bound to come along. Doesn’t stop the story. Story’s pretty strong. Doesn’t change the song.” – Stephen Sondheim, Assassins It is Sunday in America and we are grieving for 11 souls lost to a mad gunman at Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. At the same time we are...

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Pop Goes The Political Culture, Week of October 15, 2018

By Rebekah Kuschmider, MPU co-host Hello, hello MPU-niverse! Remember how on the podcast last week we were lamenting how it had been a slow news week? Well, we won’t be having that problem again! This week we saw the Saudi government say that a likely political assassination was actually a fistfight. Mitch McConnell announced his...

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