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Republican Snowflakes (Ep. 151)

Republican Snowflakes (Ep. 151)

This episode of the MPU podcast looks at comedian Michelle Wolf’s turn as the headliner at The White House Correspondence Dinner, dictator Kim Jong-un’s turn as a statesman in South Korea, President Donald Trump’s turn as a guest on Fox and Friends, and Bill Cosby’s turn as a convicted sex offender. Amazingly, the only one who came off well was Kim Jong-un! What does that say about the world we live in?

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One comment on “Republican Snowflakes (Ep. 151)

  1. Jessica Wallraff says:

    I agree with DJ re North Korea. I stood at the Berlin Wall
    as it started being torn down. That was emotional and real. When North Korea starts releasing people from enterment camps…..then I will weep.

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