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Kiss of Death for Al? (Ep. 127)

Kiss of Death for Al? (Ep. 127)

Episode 127 of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at the latest sex scandal involving Sen. Al Franken, infamous D.C. sex scandals of the past, and which senators might help kiss the tax bill goodbye.

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2 comments on Kiss of Death for Al? (Ep. 127)

  1. Mike McDermot says:

    Can we get a brief, concise summary of Perfect Union’s decision to promote a photo of Robin Williams and Leann?
    I believe women can decide who they make advances on (and who they let make advances on them), and that their decisions in the past do not provide carte blanc to others in the future.
    As a long time listener and contributor to your Facebook group, I’ve noticed you take a strong stance against “Doxxing.” Where do you believe sharing this photo-clearly not a readily available piece before the Franken story-falls on the “Doxxing” spectrum?

    1. moreperfect says:

      The photos of Leeann Tweeden and Robin Williams were part of a video of their USO tour together that is public and available on YouTube. They were not taken from a private page, so there was no “doxxing.”

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