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Stopping Future Harvey Weinsteins (Ep. 122)

Stopping Future Harvey Weinsteins (Ep. 122)

Segments include:

  • Harvey Weinstein and the sexual secrets of Hollywood
  • What the Trump administration got wrong (yet again) this week
  • What the DOJ got right about transgender rights
  • Whether it helps or hurts girls to join the Boy Scouts of America
  • One cohost’s insights into how transgender issues have affected his family

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2 comments on Stopping Future Harvey Weinsteins (Ep. 122)

  1. Landon Fabela says:

    Hello! Let me start by saying how much I enjoy your podcast. As I am in mixed political relationship, my girlfriend and I have (hopefully) found something we can both agree to listen to together in harmony. We are recent adopters of the cast so have been catching up on past episodes. Listening to today episode, I was a bit frustrated at the comment of House V Burwell characterized as “stalled out”. It was clearly ruled on May, 12 2016. Keep up the good work and just add the correction to the next episode…wink!

  2. In Support of Victims says:

    I have been enjoying your podcast, but this episode really missed the mark with respect to sexual assault and harassment.

    Pretending you are not blaming women for Harvey Weinstein’s behavior but then speculating that if his first victims had protested enough then that would have stopped him, is just that: Pretending. This line of argument not only lays blame at victims’ feet but also totally ignores the unequal power relationships that existed (between Weinstein and his victims, within the film industry, and in society generally). It also ignores the fact that many, many, many women did protest and complain, but were ignored and silenced. Enough.

    This entire episode perfectly illustrated why women don’t share their experiences and choose to soldier through a mire of inappropriate and abusive behavior. Believe me, women spend plenty of time thinking about, being lectured on, and choosing their actions carefully to avoid sexual harassment and assault. I have never heard an entire episode of men thinking deeply about their own behavior or how they are teaching the next generation to combat these harmful cultural norms.

    If you really want to help women, do better. Listen to women, and stop lecturing them. You can start by having diverse female voices on your panel. Let them talk and believe them.

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