Iran Nuclear deal

Stopping Future Harvey Weinsteins (Ep. 122)

Segments include:

  • Harvey Weinstein and the sexual secrets of Hollywood
  • What the Trump administration got wrong (yet again) this week
  • What the DOJ got right about transgender rights
  • Whether it helps or hurts girls to join the Boy Scouts of America
  • One cohost’s insights into how transgender issues have affected his family

Is Trump Good for Israel?

One of the crazier outgrowths of this election year is how many of my Jewish liberal friends are planning to vote for Jill Stein or Gary Johnson instead of Hillary Clinton, making it more possible that Donald Trump could become our next president. I wonder if these staunch supporters of Israel’s right to exist have even thought about what it would mean for the Jewish state if Trump wins. Let’s take a look.

What are the biggest threats to Israel’s security these days?

  1. Iran developing nukes
  2. An emboldened Bashir al-Assad in Syria
  3. The development of a territorial Islamic State
  4. Growing regional tensions with Egypt, the Arab street, and northern Africa

In every one of those concerns, a Trump presidency vastly increases the risks. Read More