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The Solar Wall (Ep. 105)

The Solar Wall (Ep. 105)

This episode of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at President Trump’s idea for a solar-powered border wall, what it will mean for the country if Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy retires, and what it will mean for Democrats if Jane Sanders’ legal troubles take Bernie down with her.

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2 comments on The Solar Wall (Ep. 105)

  1. Malcolm Easton says:

    Hey guys, once again I would like to chime in to correct Kevin on something entirely menial: Kool-Aid was not used in the Jonestown Massacre, instead, the far superior and cheaper product Flavor Aid was used instead. As a person who hasn’t had a glass of plain water in maybe 2 years now I know my sweet flavored beverages pretty well. Flavor Aid is no where near as ubiquitous as Kool Aid is. Sometimes I wonder if Flavor Aid took the hit for the Jonestown Massacre, but somehow Kool Aid managed to squeeze publicity and ubiquity out of it with the “Drinking the Kool Aid” phrase.

    Flavor Aid does taste better in my honest opinion. It makes a lighter more fruity beverage that is translucent in my 2 quart bottle, unlike Kool Aid which regardless of flavor somehow always manages to be opaque. The difference is that you can buy Kool Aid basically everywhere and it’s more expensive, but I can list on one hand the number of stores that have been able to source my Flavor Aid habit.

  2. Richard says:

    Thank you dj. Your comments on healthcare in this episode much needed.

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