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Hillary’s Health Scare

Hillary’s Health Scare

This is episode 51 of the “A More Perfect Union” podcast series. Hosts D.J. McGuire, Greg Matusak, Emily Brewer, Cliff Dunn, and Kevin Kelton discuss Hillary Clinton’s 9/11 health scare, Donald Trump’s performance at the Commander-in-Chief forum, Matt Lauer’s lousy job as moderator of that forum, and Gary Johnson’s Aleppo gaffe.

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One comment on “Hillary’s Health Scare

  1. rick says:

    Its about time The media and Hiillarys followers find a replacement and have their heads examined cause many see something is very wrong with her health her mystery black handler says ‘Lets keep talking ” puts his hands around her to snap her from her freeze push all around her even the secret agents when hecklers yell at same time explains she cannot handle multiple questions and This also explains why she is not meeting the press.#0 years in The D.C. she did nothing to anyone whats she gonna do now?

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