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Hillary’s Unforced Errors: Confessions of a Clintonista

As a diehard Hillary Clinton supporter, I was sure she was going to win. I was wrong. But along the way, even I — a Kool-Aid drinking Clintonista — saw some things that I thought she should have done differently to increase her chances of victory. And while I don’t claim to be smarter than her legions of campaign experts, even an arm-chair quarterback can sometimes out-think an NFL coach.

So with all due respect to her campaign strategists and Clinton herself, here are some of her unforced errors that I believe may have cost her the presidency… Read More

Trump Triumph

The post-election episode of The More Perfect Union podcast covers the emotional twists and turns of election night, a post-mortem of what went wrong for the Clinton campaign, and a look at Trump’s Contract with the American Voter for his first one hundred days.

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The Kaine-Pence Cage Match

On this episode of “The More Perfect Union” podcast, the gang reviews the vice presidential debate between Democratic Sen. Tim Kaine and Republican Gov. Mike Pence, and how it might affect the final five weeks of the presidential campaign. The guys also discuss how law and order issues will play in with minority voters, and they talk about their own taste in print journalism and TV news.

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Show Me That Voter

by Kevin Kelton

Show me that voter. Show me that guy who is now thinking, “Hm…I was going to vote for Hillary Clinton. I prefer her positions and her values, and I think she’d make a better president than Donald Trump. But now that she might be in less-than-perfect health, I think I have to vote for Trump. Because, should Hillary die in office, God forbid that Tim Kaine becomes president!”

Really? Do you really think that voting logic exists? I mean, sure, I guess in a country of 330 million people, there might be a handful of voters – even several dozen – who could come to that warped conclusion. Because any crazy thing you can think of will probably occur to some idiot someplace.

But really, does anyone in the news media or in politics really think that there is a treasure trove of leaning-Hillary voters out there who would have to toss a coin to decide whether to vote for Donald Trump or Tim Kaine?!

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Hillary’s Health Scare

This is episode 51 of the “A More Perfect Union” podcast series. Hosts D.J. McGuire, Greg Matusak, Emily Brewer, Cliff Dunn, and Kevin Kelton discuss Hillary Clinton’s 9/11 health scare, Donald Trump’s performance at the Commander-in-Chief forum, Matt Lauer’s lousy job as moderator of that forum, and Gary Johnson’s Aleppo gaffe.

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