Jet Blue Jet-Setters

Episode 70 of The More Perfect Union podcast series covers Ivanka Trump’s tough Jet Blue flight, her dad’s tough talk on nukes and tariffs, President Obama’s tough love for Bibi Netanyahu, and the MPU gang’s new year’s resolutions after a very tough political year.

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One comment on “Jet Blue Jet-Setters

  1. Eric Zeller says:

    Regarding the pizzagate incident or even any of the false news stories floating around. Is there a possibility of some sort of legal action like a libel or defamation suit against any of the more influential or high profile personalities who promoted or re-tweeted the story without indicating it was false?

    Obviously the original authors in Macedonia (or any country without an extradition treaty) would be immune, and Twitter/Facebook are trying to get themselves themselves labeled as common carriers, which is fine – I don’t want them to be on the hook for censoring my newsfeed. So that leaves the users of Facebook and Twitter as responsible for publishing and/or promoting content under their names (or bylines as you will). And while nobody might care about the opinion of Joe Armchair, any recognized elected official who promoted this story under their official userid, would give this story more credulity than it deserved.

    If I remember my high school civic class, there are 3 things needed to prove for libel:
    1) Is it false
    2) did it cause harm
    3) was it intentional

    I think everyone can agree it was false, and I would think a gunman walking in and firing some shots would fall under the definition of causing harm, so the only sticking point is whether it was intentional or not.

    My gut feeling is that if a libel suit were to be actually filed against someone who promoted the story, the defense would be “I promoted this as a joke, assuming everyone else would also get the joke” and the case would eventually lose, BUT, the fact that it went to court and had to be defended (hopefully in a high profile and well publicized court case), would probably make people have second thoughts about promoting false stories in the future and hopefully there wouldn’t be as many floating around next election cycle.

    Just a thought – I enjoy the podcast and look forward to it each week.

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