Trump Staffs Up

Episode 64 of The More Perfect Union podcast covers President-elect Trump’s first staff hires, how The Donald may try to personally profit from the presidency, the anti-Trump protests, coming to terms with the election results, lessons learned for Democrats ahead of 2020, and one host tells of a new business venture to help stave off the post-election blues.

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2 comments on Trump Staffs Up

  1. Jamie B says:

    Hey gang! I very much enjoy listening to this podcast. I wish we had more opportunities to discuss politics in a very civil manner. I did appreciate your comments today. I think DJ is right that we Democrats are trying to be hopeful. I do think you guys are missing a liberal female voice. We liberal females are really struggling with and disturbed by Trump’s history and comments and, while trying to be hopeful, we are really concerned. We also have felt this blow very deeply as a setback to progress we thought we had made and are recognizing that we now need to dig in and do more work. We’re deeply concerned about equal pay, sexual assault and harassment matters and general respect, quite frankly. I felt like our issues and concerns were unintionally glossed over a bit. I did appreciate the acknowledgment of the concerns of people of color and immigrants. You do such a great job overall. Keep up the great work and the excellent example. Civility is much needed.

  2. Zach says:

    Regarding Emily’s instance that people need to respect the President. This election represents a set of unique circumstances that call into question the normal respect we give the president elect. This election was not normal and Donal Trump has done much to deserve the disrespect he is getting and the disrespect he has brought to the office of the President. Here are just some of the circumstances and actions that lead me to this conclusion.

    Constant Personal Insults against opponents during campain
    Encouraging his crowds to assault hecklers
    Boastful nonsense while campaigning (non serious assertions)
    Threatening to jail his opponent
    Pretended to not know who the KKK or David Duke was
    Bragging about sexual assaults on women
    Adulterous boasts
    Birtherism to delegitimize Obama presidency (for 6 years!!, there is respecting the office)
    There are countless more of these

    It is also important to understand that Trump lost popular vote by what some say could be 1.5 million votes (unprecedented since 2000 and then back to 1800s). The Popular vote count is the standard by which we judge virtually every democratic process (Govenorships, Senate, House of Reps, State version of the same, All foreign elections etc) except the US president. The only reason is has not been a general outrage is that the Popular vote has corresponded to the Electoral college for well over a hundred years (till 2000 and 2016) and the system has favored one side of the political spectrum and so they are happy with the dependency. It is still a problem, regardless of Republican denial and delegitimatizes the Office of the President, period.

    Lastly how is this for respecting the president

    Republicans repeated pledge to ruin Obama presidency in 2008

    I do think we need to respect the President but Republicans demanding such respect should have happened before their approach to the Obama presidency and the nomination of a man that acts so very disrespectful.

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