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Pop Goes The Political Culture, November 11

Pop Goes The Political Culture, November 11

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Welcome back MPU-inverse! I’m sure you all join me in offering thanks for the service of all of America’s veterans. We are grateful for you contributions to global peace and prosperity.

This was an incredible political week where Democrats surged to victory in the House, in multiple governor’s mansion, multiple state legislatures, and possibly in Jeff Flake’s Senate seat in Arizona. We don’t know yet; they’re still counting the votes. As of Thursday, my girl Kyrsten Sinema had edged ahead of Republican Martha McSally and her lead keeps increasing. If you are so inclined, you may feel free to join me in obsessively refreshing the vote totals page, located right here.

We’ll discuss all this plus the dramatic outser of Jeff Sessions on the podcast later today. For now, here’s all the news that’s not fit to ‘cast!

Art Imitates Life: The midterms saw a dramatic increase in women, people of color, LGBTQA folks,  and non-Christians running and eventually being elected to office. This is going to be the most diverse Congress ever seen in all of American history.

The New Yorker has given us a picture of the phenomenon that is worth far more than 1000 words. This week’s cover is a celebration of the new guard of elected representatives of the people of America. All the people. No matter who we are.

Welcome to Congress, friends. We’ve been waiting for you.


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An early look at next week’s cover, “Welcome to Congress,” by Barry Blitt. #TNYcovers

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American Government For Dummies: The elections in Florida have crossed the threshold for automatic recounts, plus, as we know, the initial count is ongoing in Arizona. That means we have several race results still outstanding, while election workers do the foundational democratic task of counting all the votes and double checking them to make sure they were counted correctly.

You know and I know that this is not a scandal or a conspiracy or evidence of fraud. Donald Trump, Rick Scott and others within the Republican establishment do no seem to know this and they are getting very, very upset about it. Fortunately, we all have Dan Rather on the case to explain Election 101 to us all.

As you can see, this is an explainer so simple that anyone could understand it, even a President who can’t read anything longer that 280 character.s If one of you would be so kind as to tweet it to him, I would greatly appreciate it. I would do it myself but I’m still blocked.

WTF: Iconic design house Yves Saint Laurent has released a new line of jewelry right in time for the holidays. The gold toned ear-ring and pendant set fare priced at $345 for the earrings and $795 for the necklace. They feature…penises.

Like there aren’t enough dicks in all of our lives already.

The jewelry is anatomically correct, though the model may have been on the large side of the penis bell curve. Also, the penises appear to be circumsized, which will probably lead to the stupidest controversy ever when anti-circumcision activists get upset about over-priced fake penises not having foreskin.

Meanwhile, if you have always wanted to spend over a grand to pull off the world’s best Dick In A Box moment, here’s your chance.

That’s it for today, friends. Tune in when the new episode of the podcast drops tomorrow and Greg hands the Asshole Governor baton from John Kasich to Mike DeWine!

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