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Not-So-Super Delegates (Ep. 170)

Not-So-Super Delegates (Ep. 170)

This episode of the MPU podcast looks at the legacy of John McCain, the latest legal developments threatening to sink the Trump presidency, the true story of Donald the Flipper, and how the DNC has changed its superdelegate rules to help win back the hearts and souls of progressive Democrats.

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One comment on “Not-So-Super Delegates (Ep. 170)

  1. Jason Clabaugh says:

    Bernie did have an exploratory committee. He worked for over a year to decide if he was running. So he didn’t just announce on the spur of the moment. Additionally, I am friends with a very high up dem official and Bernie would never have run at all had Elizabeth Warren not kowtowed to the party and HRC. She was going to run and was told to “wait” that it was HRC’s turn. THAT is how we ended up with Bernie.

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