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Of Gods and Generals (Ep. 123)

Of Gods and Generals (Ep. 123)

Episode 123 of The More Perfect Union podcast looks at the feud between White House Chief of Staff Gen. John Kelly and a gold-star marine family, how the former living presidents are weighing in on the Trump administration, the looming senate tax reform debate, and what happens when immigration law clashes with the constitutional right to choose.

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2 comments on Of Gods and Generals (Ep. 123)

  1. John A. says:

    Really don’t like the way ads are now in the podcast — completely changes the entire feel of the show. Please reconsider this direction.

    Also, the audio level are terrible transitioning between ads and hosts — from super loud ads to too quiet speakers.

    I’m a regular listener — I listen to the show every Monday on my iPad and my kitchen speakers and had to constantly go back and forth to adjust my speaker’s audio — quite inconvenient and pushing me skip this show.

    1. moreperfect says:

      John, We are a “ma and pa” production – we don’t have a producer or sound editor, and we don’t record in a studio. We do the podcast over Skype with the best sound technology we have available. Sound levels are a constant challenge for us, but we are doing the best we can. We also don’t have control over the ad sound levels; those are set by our hosting company, Blog Talk Radio. We would hate to lose a listener, but our show is what it is. We hope you’ll bare with us as we continue to improve the sound quality.

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