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More Perfect, After Dark: The Nuclear Option (Ep. 89)

More Perfect, After Dark: The Nuclear Option (Ep. 89)

In this “After Dark” episode, the gang shares some laughs about President Trump and share some juicy theories about what Rep. Devin Nunes told the president and why it’s such a secret. Then things get serious when talking about Neil Gorsuch, Merrick Garland, and the liberal/conservative divide over the open SCOTUS seat.

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One comment on “More Perfect, After Dark: The Nuclear Option (Ep. 89)

  1. Annie says:

    Helena: For more about why liberals are uncomfortable with having an originalist on the Supreme Court, check out the excellent and well-referenced podcast Opening Arguments #49 (the relevant conversation starts at 10 minutes).

    Link to OA49:

    The podcast considers Gorsuch specifically in OA40 and OA55.

    It’s worth noting that conservative judges generally do not interpret the Constitution as originalists. In fact, my grandfather is a very conservative judge in Iowa and scoffs at originalist/textualist ideology.

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