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You Just Might Be a Nazi (Ep. 114)

On this episode of The More Perfect Union podcast, the gang talks about rise of Nazis on the streets of America, the ousting of Steve Bannon from Pennsylvania Avenue, continuing dysfunction in the Trump Administration, and what the new Afghanistan war policy may be.

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The Hunt for the Rare, White Neo-Nazi

by William Gleed

On Saturday, August 19, Boston became the site of the latest protests between the alt-right and its opponents. This is the story of one man’s attempt to see history up close.

I went to the Boston Common on Saturday.  I wanted to see these alt-right neo-Nazis I’d heard about who were coming out to defend American history, heritage, and culture from the big, bad city elders of Boston and the week before in Charlottesville, Virginia.

You see, where I live, you don’t get to see real-life Klansmen and Nazis very often.  You read about them in history books and hear about them on the TV.  But real life Nazi sightings are about as rare as a solar eclipse.  And I might get to see both in one week!

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