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President Barack Obama

Meryl’s Golden Speech

Episode 72 of The More Perfect Union podcast series covers Meryl Streep’s anti-Trump Gold Globes speech and what happens when celebrities talk politics, President Obama and the history of presidential farewell speeches, the upcoming Cabinet confirmation hearings, and where the MPU gang will be for the Woman’s March on Washington.

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Shadow of Scalia Falls over South Carolina


GOP Debate

Democratic Debate

The Open SCOTUS Seat

Nevada, South Carolina and beyond


Episode 17: Cruz On His Heels; Trump on Mount Rushmore



Does Donald Trump have the ground organization to cash in on his poll numbers?

Is Canadian born Ted Cruz qualified to be president? 

What’s so special about Martin Van Buren?

Was President Obama’s Town Hall on guns a success for the president?

Will the gun issue be a decisive factor in the fall election?

Does Congress’s vote to repeal Obamacare mean anything?

Our predictions.