2017 elections

Meanwhile, Back in Virginia, Monuments Issue Careens Into Election Campaign

by D.J. McGuire

While the rest of the nation places the Charlottesville Incident in its collective memory, it continues to impact election campaigns here in Virginia. Elections for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Attorney General, and members of the House of Delegates are in less than three months, and it is in the AG race that the issue of Rebel monuments has been steered into absurdity by unjustified Republican outrage.

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Jeff Sessions Brings Back Federal For-Profit Police with Return to No-Charge Civil Asset Forfeiture

by D.J. McGuire

Amidst the whirl and rush over Donald Trump’s latest temper tantrum to The New York Times, I want to be sure the latest action by Attorney General Jeff Sessions (ironically, one of Trump’s targets) did not go unnoticed – because it’s not good (from the Washington Post). Read More