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Episode 15: Comedy in Politics; Predictions for 2016

Segments: Is Jeb Bush funny? Is Donald Trump funny? Is a sense of humor important in presidential politics? How we got into politics Trump takes on Bill Clinton Some Hillary vs. Bernie talk Predictions for...

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Episode 14: The debates, the races, and Obama’s handling of ISIS

Segments: Fifth GOP Debate The Cruz-Rubio immigration face-off Can Trump really win? Goodbye Lindsey Graham Obama and the war on ISIS Third Democratic Debate  

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Episode 13: Trump, More Trump, and Glass-Steagall

Segments: The Trump Phenomenon Clinton, Sanders and Glass-Steagall State of the Races The Economic Argument Against Immigration Reform

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Episode 12: San Bernadino, Gun Politics and Trump

Segments: Obama’s Oval Office Address: “Complex acts of terrorism” The San Bernadino Shooting The Politics of Guns – Where the Candidates Stand Trump and the polls: Is he for real? The pending government shutdown  

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Episode 11: The Planned Parenthood Shooting and Is Trump Really a Fascist?

Segments: The Colorado Planned Parenthood shooting Is Donald Trump truly a fascist? Ben Carson’s Iowa poll dive and Ted Cruz’s poll rise Bernie Sanders poll rise in New Hampshire November presidential polls in 2016 vs 2012 vs...

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Episode 10: The ISIL Threat, Muslim Refugees, and Democratic Socialism

Segments: Clinton and Rubio on their plans to defeat ISIL Trump and Carson on Muslim refugees Election Day 2015 – Louisiana governor’s race Bernie Sanders’ “What is Democratic Socialism” speech 52nd anniversary of the JFK...

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Episode 9: GOP Debate, Democratic Debate, and Million Student March

Segments: GOP Debate Democratic Debate Million Student March Is this now a foreign policy election?  

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Episode 8: Trump on SNL; Carson on the Ropes

Segments: Election Day 2015 and the Kentucky governor’s race Donald Trump on SNL Ben Carson’s mendacity issues George H. W. Bush’s new memoire MSNBC Democratic Forum Obama rejects the Keystone XL Pipeline  State of the...

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Latest Articles

Sanders Supporters’ Short-term Memory

Did you see all those “young people” caucusing for Bernie Sanders in Iowa yesterday? Most looked to be around 18-23, right? Very enthusiastic. Trying to convert other voters to...

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The Sanders Earthquake

Yesterday I wrote a post about my concerns that Bernie Sanders would be taken apart by the rightwing attack machine should he win the Democratic nomination. While the response...

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Democrats Need to Consider Worst-Case Scenarios

Regardless of what party you’re in or which candidate you support, it seems to me the presidential election comes down to one question: Which Democratic candidate can best withstand...

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Supercharging the Hillary Playbook

It’s amazing that in a nation of around 247 million adults, there’s 400 million opinions on the Clinton-Sanders campaign. (Maybe the extras are just fake Facebook profiles.) So let...

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Clinton vs. Sanders on Healthcare: Who’s Right?

After hearing the Clinton campaign’s criticisms of Sanders’ single payer proposal, I wanted to get real the facts. This WaPo factcheck article suggests that the Clinton claim is true...

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Enjoying the Political Super Bowl

I’m watching the movie “Anomalisa” yesterday (save your money). And you know how your mind wanders during a bad movie? So my thoughts start wandering to politics and the primary...

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