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Trump Under Siege; Hillary Under Cheese

  Segments: Trump Momentum Gets Aborted Why Kasich Can’t Win But Still Might Could A Cheesehead State Bernie Burn Singe Clinton’s Campaign?

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Cruz and Trump Think Your Wife Is Dumb

Segments: Politics after the Brussels Terror Attacks Ted and Heidi versus Donald and Melania The (Alleged) Cruz Mistresses Scandal Bernie v. Hillary banter A chat with an actual Trump supporter

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The GOP Plot Against Trump

Segments: We are finally beginning to see a detailed strategy to stop Trump: from the Republicans. Bernie Sanders is in to win it. Exactly how, we’re not sure. Turns out Obama is popular. Is that because...

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Normal Political Violence

Segments: Is violence at political events the new normal? Does the violence issue help or hurt the Sanders campaign? How much of the minority vote does Sanders actually need? Can he find it in the...

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Romney Arrives To Save Us All

Segments: Here he comes to save the day! Mighty Mitt is on the way! Clinton vs Sanders in a gun fight. Four Republican paths to the nomination. No, really. Maybe the worst set of political predictions...

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Super Tuesday Is Super Crazy

Segments: Will Trump run the table? Will Sanders win outside of his home state? Will D.J. leave the Republican party? Will Trump give Rubio’s mom a job?

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Shadow of Scalia Falls over South Carolina

Segments: GOP Debate Democratic Debate The Open SCOTUS Seat Nevada, South Carolina and beyond  

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Episode 21: Onward, New Hampshire

Segments: A look back at Iowa On to New Hampshire Reviewing the debates The national mood, and why it sucks Predictions going forward  

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Episode 20: Twenty-four Hours to Iowa

SEGMENTS: Interview with an Iowa voter T-minus 24 hours and counting Final polls – what they tell us and what they don’t Last GOP debate – sans Trump Clinton’s “Top Secret” Emails Where we think...

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Episode 19: Palin Blooms as Bloomberg Looms

Segments: Michael Bloomberg considers a possible run Ted Cruz’s college roommate takes to Twitter The Des Moines Register endorses Rubio and Clinton Sarah Palin enters the fray The O’Malley factor in Iowa  

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Episode 18: Two Debates, Two Weeks to Go

Segments: The Democratic Debate Bernie’s single payer plan Who’s the weaker national candidate? The GOP Debate Bernie’s black endorsements add “street cred” What a Trump presidency might look like

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Episode 17: Cruz On His Heels; Trump on Mount Rushmore

  Segments: Does Donald Trump have the ground organization to cash in on his poll numbers? Is Canadian born Ted Cruz qualified to be president?  What’s so special about Martin Van Buren? Was President Obama’s...

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Episode 16: Feel the Burn Rates

Segments: State of the races 2015 4th Quarter Fundraising and “burn rates”  Martin O’Malley and Jim Gilmore did not qualify for state ballots Bill hits campaign trail and Trump hits Bill  Trump vows to spend...

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Episode 15: Comedy in Politics; Predictions for 2016

Segments: Is Jeb Bush funny? Is Donald Trump funny? Is a sense of humor important in presidential politics? How we got into politics Trump takes on Bill Clinton Some Hillary vs. Bernie talk Predictions for...

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