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Partisan Politics Metastasize to Supreme Court

Partisan Politics Metastasize to Supreme Court

by Kevin Kelton

When Americans bemoan the divisive hyper-partisan tone of our politics today, we invariably point fingers at the current POTUS. But he is only one of many poisonous factors. Mitch McConnell, Chuck Grassley, Trey Gowdy, Devin Nunes, Louie Gohmert and others like them are just as guilty, if not more so.

What Senate Majority Leader McConnell and Judiciary Committee Chairman Grassley have done to the Supreme Court confirmation process is barely short of criminal. It’s certainly unconstitutional. The confirmation of a SCOTUS nominee should be of the highest integrity. The confirmation process of Brett Kavanaugh has been anything but. And now credible charges of sexual misconduct have surfaced. Even if they came at the last minute, they are serious, worrisome, and worthy of a thorough inquiry.

No reasonable person can deny that in light of the Christine Blasey Ford allegations against a nominee being considered for a lifetime judicial appointment, a full investigation is not only warranted, but absolutely required for history and posterity.

Yet for purely political reasons, McConnell and Grassley are attempting to  jam the nomination through to ensure they can fill the open seat with a reliable conservative. Were they men of honor, character and integrity duty-bound to the Constitution, they would take the political hit of delaying the vote another week for the greater good of protecting the SCOTUS confirmation process in the eyes of the world. The last thing this nation needs now is a sitting Associate Justice who forever serves under a cloud of criminal suspicion and moral doubt.

If the allegations, which are credible on their face, are proven un-corroborated or unfounded after a full investigation, then Kavanaugh will eventually be seated, even if it’s a few days after the Court resumes business in October. If Prof. Blasey’s claims are credible, let him step aside for a more worthy, equally conservative nominee.

Similarly, Nunes, Gowdy and Gohmert have proven over the last two years that hyper-partisanship can be effectively used as a bludgeon to bastardize the governing process. There are offenders on the left, too, including Maxine Waters, Jill Stein, as well as former congressmen Alan Grayson and Andrew Weiner. Even Bernie Sanders occasionally wages hyper-partisan gamesmanship to advance his Social Democrat agenda and presidential aspirations. While hardball politics are certainly not new or confined to one party, the current crop of GOP spitballers take the cake for polluting the national dialogue in the quest for purely ideological results.

Is there a slight risk that delaying the vote might make it difficult for Republicans to fill the seat in the lame duck congress? Yes. But that risk should be weighed against filling the seat with a man not worthy of the honor or the job. Brett Kavanaugh is not a god or a prophet. He is simply one man, one nominee. He has no god-given right to a Supreme Court seat if it can be proven he does not possess the moral fiber that sacred seat of power demands. It’s not worth it to poison the reputation and honor of the Supreme Court for a generation just to ram him through.

Men of real integrity and love of country would know that. Men who don’t are a blight on our democracy.

Kevin Kelton is the cohost of The More Perfect Union podcast and founder of the Facebook political group, Open Fire.

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5 comments on Partisan Politics Metastasize to Supreme Court

  1. J walker says:

    You’re blinded by partisan, identity politics!

  2. B webber says:

    And biased against our constitutional republic. Apparently he does not k ow even this fact!! His bias is universally evident!! His statements contain no facts nor relevant information!! His accusations are full of vitreous!! I fell sorry for him and his cabal of anti-Americans. They are to blame along with the rest of the party of democrats, progress is and socialists. They would rather give power to Mrs. Ford that is way beyond her authority. Her lawyers and members of the democrats sitting on the judiciary committee have no desire to seek truth as they would rather believe that judge kanaugh is guilty until proven innocent. These are lawless people that gave no true love of country rather they have every desire to crush anyone that opposes them by using every diabolical method at their disposal to reek havoc on our constitutional republic. Mrs. Ford has made the allocations let them prove it in the approximate venue which is not the u.s. Senate’ it us the criminal justice system in the city in which the alleged attack took place!!! To close our justice system requires her to begin a case in the city that has standing!!

  3. Kathy Boyle says:

    I do not agree with you. The Republicans have done nothing wrong. The idea that Feinstein sat on a letter for WEEKS & never even bothered to ask Kavanaugh if this accusation was true during her time to ask questions during the hearings AND also during her extensive private conversations. If Orif Ford is not willing to testify in front of Congress & Kavanaugh then congress needs to vote. This person, Ford does NOT SOUND AT ALL CREDIBLE in my eyes & believe me I’m a 73 yr old female who has seen a lot in my lifetime. The DEMOC RATS aren’t a circus & most of America are just TIRED OF THEIR BULKSHIT!!!!!!!
    K. Boyle

  4. Don Brunk says:

    Another leftist hit piece. Let’s not talk about how false this story sounds, the months of holding the accusation until the last minute and her constantly changing story and conditions for telling it. It smells of a Dem hit piece set to derail the advise and consent procedure. Most are not buying it.

  5. Venita Gatheright says:

    The GOP are obvioulsy in the pockets of the Evangelicals! Whatever happened to the separation of church and State? Forcing their religious views on every one then turning the other cheek when one of their own has been “unchrisitian”. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds. The GOP and their so called Christian backers are all hypocrites. It’s not ok to rape or assault women. It’s not ok for Kavanaugh to be on the SCOTUS when he has lied under oath and has this dark past. It’s not ok to to treat women as objects or things as he has done to his law clerks. And it’s not ok for the GOP to ram rod any nominee through this process just to have another conservative in their pocket to do their and Trump’s bidding. And that’s what’s going on! We all see what and why they’re doing this! They want to force their religious views in to the laws of America and force Americans to live by their extreme Christian rules. Their anti abortion stance and anti women’s rights conservative views cannot be forced on us! Their actions will be rewarded in their defeat come November! #BlueWave #VoteBlue #Resist

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