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Gazing Into the Political Crystal Ball

Gazing Into the Political Crystal Ball

Can we predict the future?

by Rebekah Kuschmider, MPU Co-Host


As listeners to the last few episodes of the More Perfect Union may have noticed, the gang is getting pretty good at predicting stuff. We’ve always been crack analysts and do a great job of talking about the news after it happens but when it comes to seeing into the future? Eh. We kind of suck. Just ask D.J..

The tide is turning lately, however. Greg is still doing a victory lap over his recent assertion that the Trump’s masturbatory army fantasy military parade would be cancelled. And today you can add yours truly to the list of uncanny prognosticators. In a DM conversation the other night, we engaged in some speculation about the results of the Paul Manafort trial. (I’m the one typing in blue.)

Yes, this is what we talk about between shows. Yes, we are really this nerdy.

Dorkitude aside, you can see that I was pretty spot on with my projections about the jury – as was Kevin in suggesting that only some of the charges would trip jurors up. This came across my Twitter feed this afternoon:

We looked more carefully at the reporting and the jury asked the judge what they should do if they couldn’t reach an agreement on a single charge and how they should fill in the verdict sheet in that case. The judge sent them back to deliberate more. There’s been no news from the court house since then.

But don’t worry. The intrepid team at MPU is making plans for after the trial.

Is Kevin right with his latest prediction? Tune in to the next MPU to find out!

P.S. We may also find out that M is for Manafort and murder, or at least for mayhem. Former Manafort client Victor Yanukovych has been charged with treason in Ukraine. Read here about how Manafort aided him.

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