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Alt-Wrong (Ep. 113)

Alt-Wrong (Ep. 113)

On this week’s More Perfect Union podcast, the gang looks at the constitutional right of peaceable assembly in the wake of the deadly white nationalism riot in Charlottesville, the fear factor caused by the Trump Administration’s nuclear showdown with North Korea, and the potential repercussions from the FBI raid of Paul Manafort’s home.

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One comment on “Alt-Wrong (Ep. 113)

  1. David Caldwell says:

    Your Alt – Wrong podcast was a good discussion. I’m not American but these issues are global. Certainly in here in Australia we don’t have KKK and Nazis but we do have redneck hate filled racists in our multicultural society.
    Charles Blow discussed this issue earlier today of what I call ‘acquiescence’.
    He was saying there are the Nazi’s in the street type of white nationalist and then paraphrasing but there are the average good citizen type. I think DJ touched on this topic somewhat in the podcast. I know as a 66 year old man I am abhorred by the Charlottesville tragedy but all I am ever likely to do realistically is talk to my wife about it and put down my opinions on social media.
    It isn’t enough and it’s not going to be enough to turn things around.
    I hereby apologise for recognising that I am ineffectual in doing anything about this.

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